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Donation amounts vary! Email us:


you pick the topic, we do the rest


you pick the topic, we do the rest

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we'll sing happy birthday or pass along any message you'd like

As many of you know, we decided to release our latest album, Paris, independently. In order to help recoup the costs of recording the album we've decided to bring back our "tune store" where you can donate to receive your very own cover song or personalized song recorded just for you, by us. Check out the options below.


Cover Songs: Donations for cover songs depend on the complexity and length of the cover. You can choose a version with or without accompanying video. Shoot us a message! 


Personalized Songs: We'll write and record you a custom song for a donation of $800. Before we begin we'll hop on a phone call with you and have an in-depth convo about the meaning of the song you'd like us to create, and get any other info from you that will help us make it the best it can be. You can direct us on what you'd like it to sound like, and have as much input on it as you'd like. (Pro Tip: this is a pretty dope gift to give someone).

Custom Greeting Video: For a donation of $50 we'll record you a video greeting message that you can send as a gift to anyone you'd like. We can sing someone happy birthday, or pass along any special message (in song form!) that you'd like. We'll personalize it in any way you'd like!

 If you have any questions, shoot us an e-mail at


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To get an idea of what the final product will be like, below are some past covers we've done on request:

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